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(September 12th - September 14th)

The first event for young people from all over Europe with the goal of creating a united community of “European Citizens”. A 3 days event in Italy that will allow you to have fun, discover our beautiful country, get useful information about working and traveling in the EU. You will build a network of friendships with people from throughout Europe.

ATTENTION: Tickets for the event are on sale for a limited number of people.

We were like you

We were just like you.

Used to our routine, seeing the same people every day and doing the same things.

It was good to have this reliability, but for us we always felt like there was something missing.

The routine offered us safety in knowing what was going to happen each day and so there was always a fear of change.

So we decided to leave, to buy a one way ticket to a place where nobody knew us, where there was no one waiting for us.

Scary right?

Do you ever feel like there's something missing in your life?

We know, we've been there, it's unsettling.

Then something changed...

We felt the exact same upon setting off on our journeys, we were very happy with our decision to travel but also quite uncertain about what the future would hold for us.

That fear of the unknown is totally normal, yet we didn’t allow it to rule our need to discover.

If we had not put aside that fear our lives wouldn’t have been enriched as they are now.

We have met so many amazing people, discovered a lot of beautiful places and grown our inner selves while becoming more independent.

There's a whole new world just outside your comfort zone.

We're here to help you discover it.

We understood the power of union

It doesn’t matter where you are from, a metropolitan city or even a small town on an isolated island, You Are European!

Many people don’t know how lucky we are to be a part of Europe, to have the possibility of traveling to other countries without borders, and being able to experience and to truly live other cultures.

We understand that it is a precious instrument that has so many uses and possibilities.

This is why See Yeu was born, because sometimes you just need a little help to discover everything Europe has to offer

We are Europeans, we have endless possibilities.

So why would many people like to have new experiences and grow, they have the possibility to do it, yet don't?

We found some answers!

See Yeu Experience's aim is to help you overcome the limits that keep you from living new adventures and opening the doors to real life.

1) Fear stops the possibility of growth.
People are afraid of making mistakes, of failing and of not being ready for something new.

At the See Yeu experience you won't be alone.
You will be outside of your comfort zone, like everybody else. You will easily overcome the initial fear when you'll realize that you are not alone.

2) Traveling does not mean that you are wasting time or running away from your problems.
Many people think that traveling is just a detachment from the problems of daily life.
This is not true. It can be a rich opportunity to grow and learn a lot of things.

During the See Yeu Experience we’ll have moments when we'll talk about the importance of travel and how to do it in the best way possible in order to enjoy an incredible experience.

3) Working abroad is not impossible if you have the right connections.
Traveling or moving to a new place is not that scary if you have a person (a friend) waiting for you. You could work, experience a new culture and learn a new language, everything would be easier.

The See Yeu Experience wants to create a community among people of many different cultures who like to travel and discover. We want to facilitate the possibility of living in another place with the support of people who live there. Helping each other to enjoy life everywhere.

4) It’s difficult get out of your comfort zone
We know the feeling when everything in life starts to be mundane: every day, it's the same routine.

The See Yeu Experience wants to encourage you to start the journey to a richer and full life.

What will you experience?

You will have the opportunity to live a completely unique experience with new people discovering the Italian territory and having fun.

We are working hard to make it a great experience for you, where you will:

  • Make new friends
  • Discover the beauty of Italy
  • Relax on the beach or by the pool
  • Participate in many fun activities
  • Learn the advantages of being an European citizen
  • Get useful information about work and travelling in Europe
  • Join a growing community

YOU WILL LIVE A DIFFERENT KIND OF HOLIDAY where you’ll have fun with people just like you and you’ll make new friends from all over Europe!

Is the See Yeu Experience for me?

  • Are you a European citizen who wants to take a break from the routine while meeting like minded people?
  • Do you want to make new, long-lasting friendships that will enable you to travel and experience every European country like a local?
  • Do you want to learn more about Europe and all of its opportunities?
  • Do you want to have fun and meet new people?
  • Do you want to practice English (or any other European language)?

If you are here, on our website, the answer must be YES.

The Location

For the first edition of See Yeu Experience we've chosen Bellaria Igea-Marina in Rimini, an intimate and nice small town where we'll be based.




We reserved Hotel Imperiale***, a really nice Hotel that will be our nest. There you'll have everything you need: a nice room, wi-fi, restaurant, bar and swimming pool.

During the day we will spend a lot time outside exploring, we’ll come back exhausted. So what’s better than a drink by the pool with your new friends? Nothing's better.

We will have so much fun here. We have planned many funny activities on the beach, to take it easy and make it easier to relate to others. We’ll laugh a lot. For Sure.

Here is the comfortable room where you'll recharge your batteries after a long day. PS: The lady is not included in the price!

If you want more information about the hotel or see more pictures visit here >>> Hotel Imperiale

How and When

from September 12th to September 14th 2018
arrival on Tuesday September 11th (evening)
check-out on Saturday September 15th (morning)
For a 4 night package

This is a special early bird price,
the price will be €337,00 after August 27th.

This includes full board, transport to and from Bologna or Rimini Airport and access to all the activities throughout the days. Don't worry there are no hidden fees.

The weekly program

You'll have fun...we promise!

  • Tuesday night is included if you need

  • Welcome buffet
  • 14:30 Guided tour of the Republic of San Marino
  • 19:30 Debate: The importance of "Being European Citizens" (being part of the European community)
  • Early morning: Panoramic sunrise with a walk in the natural park of "San Bartolo"
  • 09:30 Guided tour of the Gradara Castle (The most Beautiful Italian Village of 2018)
  • 16:00 Zumba on the Beach
  • 19:30 Debate: Europe and how it can defend itself against Euroscepticism ; Europe as the most popular tourist destination in the world.
  • 10:00 Guided tour of the city of Ravenna among museums and UNESCO monuments
  • 17:00 Beach volleyball Tournament
  • 19:30 Debate: Europe and its job opportunity
  • 21:30 Beach Music Festival

  • Departure day

We are the founders, We'll be your guide

SeeYeu Project was created by a group of young people. We have different stories, but we have one thing in common: our need to discover.

"I am dreamer"
I am Beatrice, I have always considered myself a dreamer: interest in traveling, learning new languages, meeting people from all over the world and discovering new cultures. I've just come back from the US where I lived for about a year and a half. Now I'm ready more than ever to be part of the See Yeu team to share with you my experience but also in return learn so many new things about you and your culture! I’m super excited to meet you at the See Yeu Experience!
"I'm a culture lover"
Hi everyone!  I'm Annalisa and I'm part of the See Yeu team! My dream, ever since I was a child, has always been to travel and learn new languages: they can open a whole new world to you, allowing you to better understand and appreciate a culture and the way their people think. Thanks to the Erasmus Program I could study in the beautiful city of Galway, Ireland and I was so in love with it and the people that after my graduation I decided to move there for work. Now, after almost three years and many other journies abroad, I'm back in Italy. I'm so excited to be part of this project and I can't wait to meet new people! This meeting in Bellaria will definitely be a good opportuny to get started, so come on over and let's all share our interests and experiences!
"I'm an adventurer"
Hi there!, my name’s Darragh and I come from Ireland. I’ve travelled a lot around Europe and have seen many great things and met many great people. I believe that being a part of Europe is being part of one big community. This is why I am very proud to be part of the See Yeu team where we can create one big community and bring people from all over Europe together to make friends and explore new areas! I look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting in Bellaria! Come say hi if you see me there!

Summing up the experience


We will travel to discover a wonderful area and the wonderful culture of Italy (including the food and wine)


We’ll have fun, we'll play and learn together with new people


We will create a community, at the end of this experience you'll have friends from all over Europe

Live the See Yeu Experience

From September 12th to September 14th 2018
arrival on Tuesday September 11th (evening)
check-out on Saturday September 15th (morning)

Fill out the form down below and buy your ticket before the price goes up!



If you will invite a friend, you will both get a free drink at the Hotel. At the See Yeu Experience you will make many new friends, but if you want to bring along an "old"'ll be more than welcome.

If you are the first person from your country to book the See Yeu Experience, you'll get the "ambassador" discount! When you'll fill the form below, tell us where you're from, if you are the first participant from your country you will have the honor of being named "ambassador"...and you will also get a small discount.


  • When is the event?
    From September 12th to September 14th 2018. In order to enjoy all our activities, we advice that you arrive at the hotel on Tuesday September 11th (evening) and check-out on Saturday September 15th in the morning.
  • How can I book my ticket to the See Yeu Experience?
    Fill the form below, Beatrice will give you every information that you need and will help you every step of the way.
  • How and when can I pay?
    You can pay with Paypal (we'll send you the instructions) and the or directly at your arrival at Hotel Imperiale.
  • How can I get to the See Yeu Experience Location?
    The location is Hotel Imperiale in Bellaria Igea Marina, Italy. The two nearest airports are Bologna and Rimini (there are some very cheap Ryanair flights). We can pick up you and other See Yeu Experience partecipants from these two airports with a minibus (the transfer service is free). If you choose to arrive at another airport like Milan, we will give you all the step by steps instructions on how to get to Bellaria Igea Marina.
  • Will I get a single room or will I be staying with other people?
    Fill the form below and write your preference. Don't worry, we'll do anything to ensure that you are comfortable. 
  • Is there a wi-fi connection at the Hotel?
    Yes, of course.
  • What if I have problem during event?
    Beatrice, Annalisa and Darragh will always be available and will make sure that you have everything you need to enjoy the experience. Don't worry we are always at your disposal (before, and after your arrival).

There's nothing to worry about

Hi, I'm Beatrice

If you want to participate at the See Yeu Experience or if you have any question, simply fill the form below. I will personally make sure that you have all the information you need.